Atlantic Canada: The RPG

Download the .exe now!

100% virus and spyware free! Minimum requirements: 120Mhz, 16mb RAM, 250mb available Hard Drive space

MacIntosh user? Find instructions at the bottom of this page.

You must assemble the 10 VINYL OF LIGHT...

...before the evil wizard PJ unites the 10 VINYL OF DARK!

Use four brave warriors... battle evil along the way!

Note: this game is made for Windows-based computers.
MacIntosh users, please follow these instructions to run the .exe file:

1.) Download WineBottler 1.7.16 Development from
Be sure to click 'Skip Ad' for any interstitial advertisements.

2.) Run the WineBottlerCombo_1.7.16.dmg installer file and drag both Wine and WineBottler into the Applications folder.

3.) When installation is complete, return to the folder you saved 'Atlantic Canada The RPG.exe' into and open the file.
At the screen below, click Go.

4.) Allow some processing time and it will then ask you for a folder to extract the files to. For example:

5.) Navigate to the extract folder you selected and find a newly created folder called Atlantic Canada The RPG.
Inside you'll find Game.exe. Open Game.exe and you'll be prompted with this window again.
Click Go. The next window that pops up should be the game itself.


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Best viewed in

with a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher